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Site Updated On: Saturday, January 2, 2021

2006 - 2008

    It all started as a good way to waste time, DJ AK25 began creating short mixes using the program 'Audacity' but never thought about making anything of it at the time. Upon finding a better program in 2007 called 'Acoustica', he made his first full remix of a 'Celldweller' song titled 'Own Little World' to enter a remix competition hosted by the original artist himself. In 2008, DJ AK25 came across a sampling program called 'Samplisizer' which marked the real beginning of his music carrier. An album titled 'Twilight Odyssey' had been finished during the following year, but he was not satisfied with how it turned out. The album was never released.

2010 - 2011

    With the long struggle finally behind him, DJ AK25 finally found software which he was happy with and began creation of 'The Mind's Eye'. Finally releasing something to the public, 'EP' had an immediate following and he was demanded for more. Anarchy Studios is founded in 2011 with the full album 'The Mind's Eye' coming to a close in the late of the year. DJ AK25 wanted to take his music even further and had found exactly what he had been looking for since the beginning. With this new found software, DJ AK25 was one step closer to becoming what he had set out to be.


With the release of 'The Mind's Eye' being pushed back a few months to make some final adjustments, his passion for music never ceased and DJ AK25 began to work on his second album titled 'Soul Collector'. He had also developed his own style of music that he has dubbed "Techdustrial" which can be heard throughout the album. When the album was finished, plans for his next CD was already in motion. This time around, he began to look more into Dubstep as a possible future. Upon making a short 55 second track, it was clear to him that the possibility could become reality. Already deciding on a name for his next album, DJ AK25 would continue on with his own style of music.

     After completing his second album, DJ AK25 came up with a plan to release four full length albums in 2012. Separating each album by three months, while releasing a single every month in between. With his third studio album, named 'Bloody Synthetix', completed in June of 2012, much time was bought before it's release in September. The stylizing of the music staying the say for majority of the songs, but throwing in a little extra kick. His aim was now to play in local clubs and potentially get something on the radio. His journey has been a long one but is far from over.


    His first release of the new year, a single titled 'Drone' was launched on January 12th. In the following months, DJ AK25's fifth studio album was released, as well as a greatest hits album, featuring a few brand new songs including a unreleased single titled 'Remixing the Mix'. In this time DJ AK25 began to think about how he could further his solo career, which came in the form of being a Virtual DJ. He quickly began to work on dubstep playlists and mixes to stream live across the internet.

    Once his eighth album was completed and launched in July, all attention could be turned to a project that was in the works since early in the year. A double disc album, featuring custom mixed dubstep tracks and some remixes of a few very well known songs. It was highly unlikely the project would be done before the years end.

2014 - 2018

    February 23rd marked the beginning of another long road. The first single from a double dubstep album, 'X Rated Kombat', over a year and a half in the works, was released. The follow up EP was then released in April, showcasing three new songs from the second disc of 'X Rated Kombat'. Since then, DJ AK25 has been focusing on mixing and creating mashups of both popular electronic songs and the lesser known.